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National Portfolio Day

Role — Art Direction, Design

Client — National Portfolio Day Association

Agency — KCAD Communications

Year — 2017

Every four years, National Portfolio Day is hosted at Kendall College of Art and Design. The campus event is for high school seniors who are looking to attend an art and design college or university, where they can have their work reviewed, meet professionals, and connect with school representatives. This branded campaign consisted of save the dates, invitations, a mailer poster, web and social media advertising, directional signage, and window decals.

All work is owned by Kendall College of Art and Design and clients.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.58.39 PM.png


National Portfolio Day's goal is to build connections and strengthen your potential to help you flourish in your education and career in the arts.

We moved forward with a conceptual, modular illustration that represents building bridges, climbing stairs, and opening doors to success. We used a bright palette of neon Pantones that jump out against a deep navy, suggesting the feeling of standing out, maximizing potential, and leaving a lasting impact.


Animation for social media + web advertising


The poster was the central piece to the campaign, designed to not only be a mailer, but a piece to hang in your dorm or bedroom.

Additional Mailer Invitation


At the event, it was important to have branded signage to guide visitors throughout the facility. We also created handheld booklet guides of the building layout.

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