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Edible Arrangements

Student Work — KCAD

Year — 2017

After the recent brand upgrade from Papyrus, Edible Arrangements; the branding fell on a sans serif that still lacked refinement. The color schemes were bright, integrated poorly and needed stronger simplicity. As a primarily gift-giving industry, the new brand's message is represented by crisp, charming fruits, reminding others to give love, both to themselves and others.

LB logo assetAsset 5@4x.png


The arrangement of the original logo had too many colors and complex elements. I removed this and combined it with a script font to simplify the design with an approachable look and feel.


Original Logo

New Logo

Poster Series


Point of Sale


Employee Apparel

Landing Page + App Game

Edible Arrangements Van.png

Delivery Vehicle

Shipping Packaging

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