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Reveal Your Alter Ego.

In October 2015, the Grand Rapids Michigan Comic-con arrived for cos-players, cartoonists, gamers, and collectors to network while dressing as vibrant fictional characters.


To engage the audience, a simple logo mark modifies the city's current logo to represent Batman's iconic symbol. The campaign message is to "Reveal your alter ego" as it makes appearances throughout the city. In other words, it encourages the audience to become someone else for a weekend. A hero or a villain? A cartoon or a movie character? How will you reveal your alter ego?

2/18   |   Regional Addy Awards      Bronze



The heart of downtown Grand Rapids is defined by its famous red sculpture known as "The Calder." To launch the first of many events held in the metro area, I utilized this element in the city logo to represent Batman's iconic symbol to live on as its own brand.

La Grande Vitesse by Alexander Calder

A.K.A. "The Calder"

Grand Rapids City Logo

Batman Logo


As superheroes walk among us undetected among society, I wanted to roll-out this brand similarly, utilizing many favorite local downtown spaces as a platform to advertise under-cover. Starting out with simple logo stickers as a teaser, these eventually led to more conspicuous and interactive pieces as the event drew closer—restaurant table menus, window panes, murals and billboards. 

Window decal continuation of "Oh Jeff, I Love You, Too...But..."

Roy Lichtenstein, 1964


Comic-Con's target audience utilizes social media to network and share their creative cosplay. To gear up the excitement of revealing your alter ego, we designed face-recognition filters across all platforms with a call to action to reserve your tickets.


On the day of the event, the Van Andel Area has branded materials to help you rep Comic-Con: pins, totes, tickets and lanyard passes.