Building a Brand Studio for Fairbanks

While it is known as the remote Gateway to the North, Fairbanks has some amazing people that do some amazing things. This community-driven city has a plethora of flourishing businesses that provide endless opportunity for design.


Two other creatives and I joined forces to build Fairbanks Brand Studio, a multidisciplinary agency that focuses on modernizing brands and cultivating new ideas into reality.

The result of this teamwork was an adaptable brand studio equipped with the resources and confidence to get to know the amazing people of Fairbanks and push their brands forward. Together, we have built bridges, forged partnerships, and worked endlessly to create a better, even more beautiful community.


Fairbanks is a perfect balance of light and dark. Yin and yang. One solstice cannot exist without the other. We decided to strengthen this concept with simple, black and white colors. In addition, we wanted the work to speak for itself. The letter "F" represents an encouraging way-finding sign and integrates the logo of our overhead brand,


With a simple and flexible brand, we gave it life for web development, social media, and videography.


As Fairbanks Brand Studio has many disciplines, we created a broad and flexible look including supporting logos and patterns for various applications.


Making physical business cards and stationary helped elevate our brand and grow our client base. It also reassured existing clients that they received the quality they deserved down to every detail.

Business Cards, Design Brief, Invoice, Annual Report Cover & Poster

Business Cards