Hand Printed Goods from the Golden Heart

Made By Locals, For Locals.


Known as the Golden Heart City, Fairbanks is home to makers, mushers, and sourdoughs (long time Alaskans) that are proud of their hometown. However, there were few places that represented Interior Alaska outside of kitschy souvenir shops that catered toward the unseasoned eyes of tourists.

We opened up a print shop called FBX MADE to create small batch, quality, well-designed goods that resinated more with the hearts of locals. Because of the lack of competition, it turned out to be a huge success. So huge that locals couldn't get enough of it.

Photography by Latitude64Photography

The process started with learning how to screen print. I worked with a talented printer and friend, Chris from Corvidopolis, using mesh screens, emulsion, an exposure unit, a four-color press, water-based inks, and a flash dryer. It was helpful for me to learn all stages of this process so I could better understand how to design with the logistics of hand printing in mind.

Digital sketches for our 2020 collection


Nearly every Alaskan owns a pair of XTRATUF's, the official boot of Alaska. As Fairbanks winters are quite a bit more extreme than the the state's other major coastal cities, we thought these two concepts played well with each other.


A favorite attraction for locals, this historic park was formerly known as "Alaskaland." When it was renamed to "Pioneer Park" to cater more towards the summer tourism, it caused quite an upset. We released an "Alaskaland for Life" collection to bring back the nostalgia of the way it was and will always be remembered. #iykik (If you know you know).



MIDNIGHT SUN​   Fairbanks hosts the Midnight Sun Festival, the largest gathering in the state on June 21st.

ANGEL ROCKS​   Just a few miles east of town, these prominent rocks make a great summertime hike.

BENTLEY HALL​   The northernmost mall in North America. Shopping is limited, as locals joke it's more of a "hall".

Videography by Isaiah Mangum

COMMUNITY   Fairbanks came together to peacefully protest for Black Lives Matter. We created this design in support.

EST. 1903   It started with a simple, gold rush town in the Far North. Now, it's something to rep with pride.



Every time we dropped a new line hot off the press, our social media presence helped get the word out and add to the hype. We got creative with the copy, using fun poems and local jargon.

"We are Fairbanks.
We are resilient.
Embracing this life, no need of persuasion
In a cold snap, we rise to occasion.
Hats in place, coats zipped up
Glove on hand, an electric plug
Despite the snow and seldom glow
It’s the Interior way, a superior day
This golden heart holds all our love
And through it all, we are TUF.
We are FBXTUF.

#FBXTUF ❄️💪"