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The ABC's of Fairbanks

Role — Art Direction, Illustration, Copywriting

Client — N/A

Agency — Fairbanks Brand Studio

Year — 2022

Fairbanks may be a town so small,

But from A-Z we have it all.

Come with me to a place so pretty,

And discover Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City!

Our first in-house children's book was a hit success in the local market of Fairbanks, Alaska. Covering the nuances from gold panning a nearby stream to dry cabin life at 40 below, writing and illustrating this piece within a small team was an absolute dream project. Creating a cohesive campaign around its launch was just the icing on the cake.

All work is owned by Fairbanks Brand Studio.


Branded Suite

Back Cover

Booklets overhead.jpg

Inside Pages



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