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Corewell Health
Name Launch Booklet

Role — Illustration, Design

Client — Corewell Health

Agency — Baas Creative

Year — 2022

After the new name launch, the merging of Michigan's two largest hospital systems posed many questions. These questions arose not just within our communities, but internally from the workforceWhat does the new brand name mean? What should it mean for me?

With the goal of inspiring clarity and confidence in the new name, we created a booklet that addressed these big-picture questions in a simpler, pocket-sized way.


The booklets were distributed to healthcare team members by brand ambassadors, who were able to answer and hold space for open conversation surrounding the new name.

All work is owned by Baas Creative and Corewell Health. 

Creative Direction: Mark Baas

Assoc. Creative Direction: Aaron Bragdon

Art Direction: Camilla Dorinsky

Copywriting: Carolyn Baas

Illustration, Design: Laura Bosscher

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